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Asphalt Gods' MC


Scar, Book #1


Intended for 18+ due to excessive sex, violence and a hot biker with a dirty mouth! 

Emery wants to die. Good thing she just ran into a killer. “They say what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, but that’s bullshit. What doesn't kill you leaves a scar. More than the eyesore down my torso, I was a scar, the jagged, fucked up remains of a tragedy.” 

Scar’s Nomad status gives him a chance to fulfill his one wish, but his lonely mission is interrupted when a possible one-night stand goes horribly wrong. 

“They say what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, but what if I can’t live with myself anymore?” 

Finding the blonde face down in a puddle of her own blood jeopardizes everything. Saving her and keeping her quiet could get Scar killed, but when Emery wakes up, her shocking proposal for him to kill her starts the ride of his life. 

Seven Sunsets, Book #2

Money alone won’t be enough for Scar to take the job, but he could use an accomplice with nothing to lose, one who won’t be around to tell tales. Agreeing to a week on the back of his motorcycle, keeping his bitch seat warm for the woman Scar’s hell bent on saving from a rival gang, Emery sets out on her last adventure. But saying goodbye is harder than they could ever imagine after seven sunsets. 


"How can one week change your whole goddamn life?" 


With the Heelz and Mutherfukers on their tails, Scar has to call on two of his brothers to help them rescue Halley from the Son's of Satan MC. As their loyalty saves him over and over, he finds himself reevaluating his place in the Asphalt Gods' MC. Will he really leave the Gods to live a normal life with Halley when all of this is over? 


The more Scar learns about Emery, the more he mistrusts her but he can't deny his other feelings for long. When Emery learns about Scar's past, she sees this killer in a new light but can she overcome her debilitating depression to let him really know about hers? When she learns that the woman he's saving is actually his sister, can love bring her back from the edge? 


Hell on Heelz, An Asphalt Gods' MC Novel Book #3


Love Bikers? What about an all female MC?

Girl Meets Boy? Nah - This is an Outlaw Meets Outlaw Love Story.

*Even though we met the Hell on Heelz MC in Scar and Seven Sunsets, Asphalt Gods' MC, Hell on Heelz can be read as a stand alone

"They say time heals all wounds, but my time's done run out. I’m no spring chicken, but it’s more than that. I’ve been mad as hell for far too long. It’s made me a different woman, a bitter woman. No, they don’t call me Rage for nothing—I’m a twisting bitch tornado and that’s before you make me mad. When I’m not fuming, I’m secretly festering in suffocating smog of self-loathing. A man did this to me, and now that I’ve finally met another man, one who calms my storm, one I might let break through the thick thorny vines I’ve wrapped around my heart—I fear there’s nothing left of me." 

Edie Pearl, better known as RAGE, never thought her decision to leave her cheating husband and join the Hell on Heelz would land her as the potential president of the female outlaw motorcycle club when the Banshee is killed. Rage has spent the last two years mad as hell, nursing her broken heart with booze and fast men. When she's pitted against her fellow heel, Dixie, in a race to track down the Banshee's killer, she meets the man of her dreams. Mud may be the only man to get her motor running, but he's also her sworn enemy. Will Rage do the unthinkable and choose a man over her club? Or is time really up for her?

Sunrise, Book #4

When his president’s health takes a turn for the worst, Scar takes over to rule the Gods but the Sons of Satan are looking for revenge and their new president is looking for Halley, who for all Scar knows is dead. When he finally gets a call from Cowboy that his sister is alive and the General traded his woman to the mob, all hell breaks loose in Tucson. Can Scar keep his sister from the clutches of the SOS with backstabbers all around him? Can he keep his friend Cowboy out of his sister’s pants? When he finds Emery, will their lives ever be the same?


Picking Bones, Asphalt Gods' MC Book #6

Can a one-night stand lead to a lifetime of love?

Bones heads to California not only to help Cowboy rescue the woman he loves, he’s left something in Texas. Suzy has something that belongs to him. Not his heart. His unborn child means more to him than she can ever know.

Her life finally on track, Suzy doesn’t want a thing to do with an outlaw, let alone her child around one.

Bones, not used to hearing no, does the unimaginable. At least Suzy couldn't imagine being kidnapped and hauled back to Louisiana, especially in her condition.

When they're done picking bones, will she pick Bones?

Freedom, Book #8

Cowboy Take Me, An Asphalt Gods' MC Novel Book #5 

Prince on a White Horse? I’ll Take a Cowboy on a Harley.

"Halley darlin’, name’s Cowboy, and I’m taking you away from here.” 

When Cowboy finds Halley outside of the Devil’s Den, it’s a damned dream come true, but she’s not alright, physically and mentally. With all the double-crossing going down within the Asphalt Gods' MC, Cowboy hides Scar’s sister away until she's well enough to travel. 

“I’ve always wanted a Cowboy to come and take me away.” 

Held captive most her life, Halley's hopes and dreams are framed by the life she's endeared too long. Not to mention, she’s carrying the child of a dozen devils. The Sons of Satan MC is all she can remember, when she can remember it at all, and she’s all too eager to thank her rescuer. Usually, Cowboy isn't a man to refuse. There's only ever been one woman for Cowboy until now. He’s also the only man on Halley’s mind until they show up in Tucson, and Snakebite is waiting for her.

new picking bones front.jpg

Hawk, An Asphalt Gods Novel Book #7


When Hawk takes his girlfriend’s younger cousin, Riot to California to infiltrate the Sons of Satan MC, all so he can earn some respect and she can earn her patch, he gets much more than he bargained for. He never thought pretending to be the bad guy could be so much fun.

Riot had eyes for Hawk before this mission, but as they get closer, she questions who he’s becoming. She questions herself just, as well, because she’s even more infatuated with his dark side.

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